Energy Law

Our Law Firm specializes in the following fields of Energy Law:

Provision of advisory services to potential investors for the acquisition of RES projects (PV & Wind parks, etc.), including the preparation of the necessary Audit Reports on the legal and licensing part of the RES project, the undertake of the relevant negotiations for the purchase of the project, the drafting of the relevant purchase contracts and the monitoring of the company in relation to all parties involved (Operator of Electricity Market, Regulatory Authority for Energy, Independent Power Transmission Operator, etc.).

Settlement of disputes related to Energy Law issues through Arbitration.

Drafting lawsuits on behalf of PV producers against the Operator of Electricity Market for various issues (default interests, New Deal L.4254/2014, etc.).

People experienced in this field

Elmina Patra

“We always handle the legal issues with an out of the box legal view and sincere determination, nothing is left to chance”

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Aggelos Petropoulos

“Having more than thirty years of experience, our company offers legal, financial and tax support to a large number of Greek and foreign companies, with our main focus on consistency and accountability.”

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Panagiotis Vassiliou

“In today’s difficult and complex economic reality the assistance of a Law Firm with knowledge and experience is an important asset for every businessman. This is what our Firm offers.”

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