07.12.2023, 17:46

How Individuals, Non-Residents may open a Bank Account in Greece

The issuance of a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is a prerequisite for the opening of a Bank Account in Greece.

Non-residents decide in which Bank Institution they wish to open their bank account, and the following documentation is usually requested:

  • The Greek TIN assignment certificate;
  • Valid passport and a certified copy of it;
  • The Tax identification number (TIN) in their country of origin and a copy of their Annual Tax Declaration / Income Tax Notice of Assessment (Annual Income);
  • Proof of Residence (for example, Utility Bills) and a telephone bill in their name;
  • Proof of Occupation (for example, their last payslip);
  • A Greek mobile number.

It should be noted that although the above-mentioned documentation is what the individual non-resident, is usually requested to submit, requirements of bank institutions in Greece may vary from one institution to another.

In any event, the documentation must be dated 3 months ahead the submission date and must be translated into the Greek language and subsequently certified by the Greek Consular Office of the applicant’s residence country.

Also, physical presence of the applicant will be required, upon a scheduled appointment with the bank, in order for specimen signatures to be collected.


Lena Michalopoulou – Lawyer